License granted to Pervatech

Happy faces from ECN and Pervatech after signing the agreementPervatech, an innovative Dutch specialist in pervaporation membrane technology, is the first industrial partner to obtain a licence for the commer­cialisation of the HybSi® mem­brane technology. The HybSi® membrane technology was originally developed by the Energy research Centre of the Netherlands in collaboration with the Universities of Twente and Amsterdam. The HybSi® nano­sieve allows the purifi­cation of various industrial solvents.


Important fields of application can be found in the production of bio-fuels and in the separation of azeotropic mixtures. In comparison with conventional separation technologies, major gains in the energy efficiency and improvements of the product quality can be obtained. The unprecedented stability in acid and aggressive conditions at high temperatures of the HybSi® membranes allow for a revolutionary step in the utilisation of pervaporation membranes. 


Frans Velterop, CEO Pervatech: “We have been approached by several parties who have interest in purchasing the HybSi® membranes. At this moment, we are investing in our production facility to enable the first deliveries by the end of 2010. We will collaborate closely with system integrators and end users for the successful application of the novel membrane type.”


Jaap Vente (Manager Membrane Technology, ECN): “We are proud that a Dutch SME is the first company that can profit from the commercial opportunities of our HybSi® membrane technology. Together with the on-site pilot test and the sale of lab modules, closing this licence agreement is a next major step in the commercialisation of this technology.

About Pervatech

Pervatech ( is a leading company in the technology of ceramic membranes for pervaporation, gas separation and nanofiltration. The most important drive of the company is “finding a technological and economical solution for difficult separation processes by means of smart combinations of process steps together with the client”. The target is to run the process with less energy, a higher quality of the end products and the reliability of the separation process. Pervaporation is seen as one of the key units for process intensification.