News flash July 2011

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New directions for HybSi® membrane research

Till date HybSi® membranes are well known for their performance and stability in the dehydration of organic solvents through pervaporation and vapour permeation. Recently, we started to tailor the separation performance of these hybrid silica membranes by adjusting the size, flexibility, shape, and electronic structure of the organic bridging group. The current HybSi® membranes for pervaporation have shown to be selective in the separation of H2 from e.g. N2 and CO2 as well. By changing the organic bridging group, the HybSi® membrane can be made selective for CO2 over H2. The versatility of the bridging group offers an extensive toolbox to tune separation performance.

The details of these findings of the collaborative research between the Universities of Amsterdam and Twente and the Energy research Centre of the Netherlands, have recently been published in the journal Advanced Functional Materials.

This paper can be found on the web site of the publisher (