News flash October 2010

HybSi® membrane modules sold

Besides the interest from membrane producers, the HybSi® pervaporation membranes are attracting more and more attention from the end-user industry. This is reflected by the delivery of a total of 4 membranes in a module, containing a membrane area of about 60 cm2, to end-users in the chemical and petrochemical industry. These dehydration membranes are being used for process specific testing and the feedback that we receive is that they perform satisfactory. Even to the extent that one of the end-user has ordered a second membrane for their high demanding application. Also interested? Please contact us!

1000 days stability at 150°C

The long term stability of the HybSi® membrane has reached a new milestone. We have terminated a  long term test of 2.5 wt% water and n-butanol after 1000 days of continuous testing. After this period of time the permeate still contained about 98% of water; the flux has decreased significantly though. This is the best long-term and high temperature stability ever reported for a pervaporation dehydration membrane. After about 900 days of testing the membrane was stopped and restarted several times, without a significant effect on the performance. Thus thermal cycling including shut down and start up procedures do not hinder the membrane.