What is HybSi?

HybSi® is the trade name of a recently developed nanoporous membrane system with an unprecedented high stability under both hydrothermal and acidic conditions. Typical applications of HybSi® membranes are pervaporation and vapor permeation. Characteristic of the membrane material is that it combines organic and ceramic units that are connected on an atomic level. By doing so the best of both worlds are combined in this true hybrid material. More details are provided in technology.

Artist impression of HybSi® membranes.

Latest news: acetic acid dehydration - process and energy improvements by HybSi membranes

ECN has developed a HybSi membrane with an increased acid stability. With this membrane the dehydration of acetic acid is possible. Download the newsflash >>

Upcoming events

HybSi®  membrane systems will be presented on the following up coming events:

Patent Portfolio

The HybSi® membrane and the necessary sealing and module technology are covered by a number of ECN patents. ECN is looking for interested parties to take a license on its technology and broad patent portfolio. Potentially interested parties include companies that are interested in membrane fabrication, or that are interested in marketing full separation equipment that contain HybSi® membrane technology, or that are interested in the final utilization of it. We can provide a detailed technology transfer and aim for a joined effort in the further scale-up and market development of HybSi® membranes.


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